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Here you will find short videos and snippets of farm life - animals, tractors and machines, events like shearing and mustering sheep and cattle, and what's happening in the garden and around the homestead. 

Inspired by a little urban friend who is two years old and very intrigued by cows, with a mum who searched without much luck to show him videos that weren't animated, sensationalised or from overseas, we thought we would share some of our everyday farm life and bring the farm to you.

This space isn't intended for commentary on agri-politics, best-practice farming, or animal activism (we have a soft spot for all animals, in case you can't already tell!) ... it's just a place for anyone, young or old, who is intrigued about what happens on a real working farm in Australia! 

If you have any questions or if there is something you're particularly interested in and would like to see more of, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the comments, email or social media.

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Water Ways

There are two main things you need on a farm – water and grass. 70% of mainland Australia is classed as arid or semi-arid, so making sure our sheep and cattle have enough clean water to drink and somewhere to get out of the hot summer sun is very important.

Here, we follow the task of creating a new water point - for anyone who like the noise and spectacle of some machinery and diggers getting to work, this video is for you!

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