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Growing up on a property in western NSW, I was adamant that my future wouldn't involve anything to do with farming. It was off to work for one of the biggest companies in the world and see ya later dust, dirt and flies! 

But it's funny how when you grow up getting bindi's in your feet, doing School of the Air via radio, and stripping off to go 'mud-sliding' on claypans when it rains, it seems to draw you back! Not to mention a quick trip home for the races ... ffwd 5 years and we have three kids under five, dogs, puppies, chooks, and a few cattle and sheep running around! 

Now residing on a working farm near Gunnedah NSW, we know that farm living is a privilege, but also brings with it challenges of isolation and just popping to the shops! Sprout House aims to supply practical homestead items that last, feel good, are good for us, and make your house feel like a home.

From little things, big things grow, and that's what we love about farm life, usually if you put the water and effort in!

Ange ox